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The Chairs Program 

Ruthy Alon

Parallel to the basic Bones for Life program, another program under the Movement Intelligence umbrella is especially designed for our culture’s characteristic confinement — sitting upon chairs.
Poised midway between standing and sitting on the ground, chairs are a human device that spare us the more difficult half of going all the way down to, and getting up from, the floor. However, this manmade convenience inhibits our inherited anatomical potential, and sets us up for functional deterioration. What we don't use we lose, eventually even the easier half way from the chair level to standing an back, becomes a difficult project.
The Chairs program intends to wake us from the fixed, degenerative aspect of sitting by offering many mini processes, designed to refresh sitting and enrich the options for bringing more liveliness on the chair. It is possible to refine coordination while sitting, and especially, as in standing, generate transmission of force throughout the skeleton, from foot to head, an essential component of cultivating strength.

If you would like to try out one of these shortcut processes to spontaneously refresh your upright sitting
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